ATCO / AFIS Simulators

We manufacture ATCO and AFIS simulators, as well as prepare them for EASA certification with the necessary documents for your organization.

Custom software

We prepared for you specially produced software to increase ATS immersion.

Airport Lightning Control Panel

Desktop Application
Manage runway, taxiways and approach lights from one app. You may select a specific or pre-defined configs.

Automated Weather Observation System

Desktop Application
Manage weather, time and season. Make a weather reports as in real-world AWOS.

ATC System Failures Manager

Desktop Application
Manage Custom and pre-defined failures and send them during training session to student.

Electronic Flight Strips

Desktop Application
Electronic Flight Strips that handles multiple functions - from basic aircrafts to ground movement vehicles.

Integrated Air Traffic Management Display System

Web Application
Software that helps ATS with daily operations including aircraft and aerodrome databases, airspace schema etc.


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